We’ve dreamed of having our own podcast because neither of us was popular in high school. We met in passing several years ago, but Tera was too scared of Dawn, so it took four years of stalking before we became friends. Quickly, we became more than friends, seeing each other as sisters. We bonded over our obsession with Bob’s Burgers and the fact that we’re both vertically challenged. We climbed on each other’s backs to get the cookies from the top shelf. We sipped cocktails and inserted our own dialogue into horror movies, and that’s when we discovered how funny we are.

Join us every other Monday as we share hilarious stories about our lives. Worst dates? We got ’em. Terrible neighbors? Everyone can relate to that. Whether it’s a story about walking to the community pool accidentally dressed like a prostitute, a tale of stalking, or stories about our jobs from hell, we promise you’ll be entertained. You’ll also hear stories from our guest hosts that will make you pee laughing. So follow us on social media and wherever you listen to podcasts. Buckle up, cuz it’ll be a crazy ride!

Dawn Kelly

Hi, I’m Dawn and I’ve been an entrepreneur for fifteen years because I was a terrible employee. I’m a professional wedding photographer in northern California specializing in Yosemite National Park. I’m also a partner in The Vintage Eclectic.

I had a traumatic and interesting childhood, and I come from a long line of crazy ladies. My approach to life: never take anything too seriously. When it comes to tragedy or hard times, I believe laughter can heal the soul and make life much more bearable.

Tera aka T’Cheri’

Hey, I’m Tera and I live in Dawn’s secret basement and stalk her randomly. I also come out at night and look through her stuff. I don’t have any notable achievements to mention but I do know that chocolate is good and global warming is bad.

I have dealt with much trauma in my life and have gone off the rails a few too many times. My crazy mother has added plenty of chaos to my life, so she should be given some credit in my occasional state of insanity. I cope with life with bizarre rants late at night and singing random songs all day. I’m just your average weirdo who likes to make things awkward.