Episode 6: Lawn Dart Hunger Games

Today we have a very special guest. DUN DUN DUN DUUUUNNN!!! Dawn’s husband Mark! The topic: nostalgia. What are you nostalgic for? Dawn misses the time before everyone was offended by everything all the time.... Read More

Episode 5: Catfishing the Catfish

Have you ever met a catfish? No not the aquatic kind nay nay. We are talking about the face-swapping kind. The ones who wreak havoc on your life, emotionally, mentally, and financially. In this episode,... Read More

Graham Crackers & Milk with Haldol

In this episode, we will be talking about Tera’s stay in a psych ward and her following the antichrist. True story…true, true story!!!! Come join us on this epic adventure where we get to see... Read More

Episode 3: Stolen Underwear Drug Bust

Have you ever had to deal with a neighbor from hell? Would you find exquisite delight watching a SWAT team arrest those horrible neighbors? When you were a teenager did you overhear neighbors doing it... Read More
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Dawn has been obsessed with true crime and horror movies her whole life and is currently studying all the ways to commit the perfect murder. Her hobbies include eating all the cookies, dressing JJ in costumes, and sticking her foot in her mouth.


Tera stalked Dawn for many years until they became besties. She's currently studying how to escape from a serial killer. Her hobbies include dressing like Dawn, pooping in public places, and planning world domination.


    JJ is our mascot. He already knows how to commit the perfect murder. He's hoping to run away from home and join a dance troop. His hobbies include begging for food, licking his butt, and plotting ways to kill Dawn.

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